News archive from April 2014
Rumour busting...
The Trust has set up a ‘rumour busting’ email address to try and clarify some of the most talked about issues in the service. Here we look at just a few of the latest Q&As…
29 April 2014
HEOC dispatcher
Last week in figures, 14th-20th April
Here we take a look at last week (14th - 20th April) in figures, and compare it to the same week last year...
27 April 2014
Ambulance on motorway
Smart motorways - all lane running guidance
Further to the article published last week, there is additional guidance now available for staff attending any incidents on motorways with 'all lanes running'.
26 April 2014
Guest blog - progressing from an EMT to a paramedic
On 7th April, 24 emergency medical technicians started their funded foundation degree in paramedic science at the University of Northampton. Vicki Gilbey tells us how it's started...
25 April 2014
Blurred ambulance
Amended guidance for fuel levels on Trust ambulances and cars
The Trust has amended the guidance about the amount of fuel left in ambulances and response cars at the end of shifts, following staff feedback.
24 April 2014
Chief Executive Dr Anthony Marsh
Update from Dr Anthony Marsh - 24th April, 2014
Your weekly update from our Chief Executive Officer
24 April 2014
First day of student paramedic course Norwich April 2014
Fourth student paramedic advert closes
The fourth advert for student paramedics closed on Monday (21st April) with more than 700 applications.
24 April 2014
Hands typing on keyboard
IT equipment changes to save money
As part of the Trust's efforts to save money to put back into frontline services, IT have changed the equipment options for new starters.
24 April 2014
Staff with patient in ambulance
Press release: Patients praise 'excellent care and service' in latest survey
The latest press release from the Trust on praise received from patients in a recent survey.
24 April 2014
Blowing the whistle at work
Raising concerns about poor practice, as part of people’s day-to day work, should be the norm.
24 April 2014
Anthony talking to student paramedics
Results and progress: an update from CEO Dr Anthony Marsh 17th April
Your weekly update from the Chief Executive Officer - 17th April
23 April 2014
PPCI entrance closure at Papworth Hospital
The normal PPCI entrance at Papworth Hospital will be closed on Wednesday 30th April from 6 – 9pm and crews should use the Christopher Parish entrance instead.
23 April 2014
Side of RRV with lozenge
Press release: Busy bank holiday weekend
Read the latest press release from the Trust on the rise in 999 calls over the Easter weekend.
22 April 2014
Letchworth Station
Security at stations
A man has been gaining access and filming at fire stations in the West Midlands, so please could all staff remember to be vigilant about security.
22 April 2014
Five thousand cases and rising
Cases of scarlet fever are continuing to rise with 883 new cases being reported in the last week of March – the highest weekly total since records began.
21 April 2014
Paramedic reading clinical manual
The new Clinical Manual has arrived
It is often said that ‘knowledge is power’, and safe clinical practice is definitely based upon the ability to put theory into practice. With this in mind, we are pleased to officially launch the second edition of our Clinical Manual.
19 April 2014
NTK logo OPT grey
Welcome to your new Need to Know
It’s here – welcome to the launch of your new Need to Know website!
17 April 2014
Clinical   kit pic
Recharging the batteries: check your Zoll
Our Zoll defibrillators are one of the most important pieces of equipment we use. At the moment, different versions have different batteries – please make sure to read the below so you know how to check yours.
17 April 2014
Blurred ambulance
Interrupting a meal break
There have been some concerns raised in both A&E operations and the emergency operations centres (EOC) around meal breaks; in particular, sections 4.3 and those members of staff who opt to be interrupted on break for serious calls and therefore don’t get a full 30-minute break.
17 April 2014
England’s motorways ‘get smart’
This week the Highways Agency launched its ‘smart motorways’, which make use of new technology to vary speed limits and help traffic in response to what’s happening on the road.
17 April 2014
Leading the way on resilience training
EEAST is leading the way in a Home Office initiative which will see emergency teams at the heart of major incidents work better together.
17 April 2014
eca to tech pic
Technician course launches
The first ECA to technician course is getting underway this month, with more planned throughout the year.
17 April 2014
Hands typing on keyboard downtime Friday 18th April
NHSmail support will be carrying out maintenance work tomorrow on all mailboxes.
17 April 2014
Ambulance side shot
New order for emergency ambulances
A message from Dr Anthony Marsh on the order for 120 new emergency ambulances.
16 April 2014
Staff with patient on stretcher at accident and emergency
New go-live for Lister’s 24/7 PPCI
As of 8am on Monday, 28th April the PPCI service at the Lister Hospital will be expanded to become a 24/7 service.
16 April 2014
IPC audit forms now live
As stated in a previous issue of Need to Know, a new form for infection, prevention and control (IPC) audits was introduced on 8th April.
16 April 2014
eca to tech pic
Do not adjust your screens: ECA to EMT has landed
As you will have seen previously in Need to Know, more than 200 emergency care assistants (ECAs) have successfully passed their pre-entry exam to progress on the pathway to become a technician.
16 April 2014
Transparent EEAST crest
Safety walkabout audits
The Trust’s process of regularly checking staff views, known as the ‘safety walkabout audits’ can now be submitted via Datix in an updated form.
16 April 2014
First day of student paramedic course Norwich April 2014
The first day of a new career for ambulance recruits – and 100th offer is made
Twenty-two new student paramedic recruits joined our ranks on Monday (7th), as they began the Trust’s first training course in Norwich.
16 April 2014
Transparent EEAST crest
Update from Dr Anthony Marsh - April 10, 2014
Your weekly update from the Chief Executive
16 April 2014
My perfect EEAST is...
16 April 2014
Fraud - would you know what to do?
Everyone knows that committing fraud and bribery is illegal, but what exactly is fraud and what should you do if you have suspicions about it going on at work?
08 April 2014
Changes to procedure for detained mental health patients
Changes to section 136 of the national Mental Health Act protocol came into force on Tuesday (April 1) at EEAST, meaning the ambulance procedure has changed for patients detained by police under the Mental Health Act.
04 April 2014
Chelmsford HEOC
Top of the charts for Chelmsford
Congratulations to Chelmsford HEOC, which has achieved the lowest call handling delay figures in the country (999 calls that take more than two minutes to answer) for 2013-14.
04 April 2014
Student paramedic courses
The Trust’s recruitment of 400 student paramedics is gaining pace, with nearly a quarter of this number attending a course in the next four months.
04 April 2014
RRV with blue lights
Performance improvement action plan
The Trust's performance improvement action plan was officially ratified at the March Board meeting. Read more about Dr Marsh's priorities and how they will be actioned.
04 April 2014
Clinical   kit pic
Pre-filled syringes introduced
The Trust is introducing prefilled 0.9% sodium chloride 10ml syringes, which are for the flushing of IV cannulas only and not for the preparation of medication.
04 April 2014
Transparent EEAST crest
HEOC / HQ programme
An update from Dr Anthony Marsh on the HEOC / HQ review programme.
04 April 2014
Transparent EEAST crest
Revised system for requesting and issuing morphine passbooks
The Trust has implemented a fully electronic system for the request and issue of individual morphine passbooks (red books) using SharePoint, a Microsoft application, from April 1.
04 April 2014
Signing up to save 6,000 lives
“There can be no greater breach of the trust between clinician and patient than when a patient is harmed unnecessarily,” Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health. The NHS has begun a new campaign which aims to halve avoidable harm and save up to 6,000 lives in the next three years.
04 April 2014