10:10 posters being rolled out across Trust

Image from 10-10 posters

Over the next week you will begin to see EEAST's new 10:10 posters rolled out. These have been designed by the Clinical Lead team with a focus on improving clinical outcomes for our time-critical patients.

The new 10:10 concept has been adapted from a similar scheme developed by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service and is intended as a guideline to assist with better clinical outcomes for patients and timely turnarounds.

The 10:10 approach is multifaceted, allowing us to care for the patient in front of us as well as being 'green' and available for outstanding calls sooner, ensuring that as a trust we provide value for money while delivering high-quality care.

EEAST recently trialled the 10:10 concept for strokes and it demonstrated a reduction of on-scene time by two minutes for 'FAS positive' patients.

We know that every minute in which a large vessel ischemic stroke is untreated, the average patient loses 1.9 million neurons, 13.8 billion synapses, and 12km (7 miles) of axonal fibres, (Saver, 2005), therefore by reducing our on-scene time we are immediately increasing the likelihood of a better patient outcome.

For patients with penetrating trauma, a reduction in pre-hospital scene time is also associated with reduced mortality (Cowley et al. 2019), therefore as an organisation this new concept allows us to work towards our goals providing better care and improving our overall performance.

While the 10:10 concept is the new goal, and we would like staff to try and achieve it, we recognise that not every situation is going to allow this to happen. 

To this end staff are asked to consider completing the EPCR on route to ED/MTC/Obstetric Unit where possible, or on arrival at the facility. 

As always, the PVSH desk is there to support our staff should they encounter a delay at hospital and can be contacted on Channel 20. 

To improve the quality care we deliver to our patients daily, this concept requires support from staff, working as a team.

We welcome feedback on the 10:10 posters - both positive and negative - and we look forward to reviewing how this new initiative is assisting our staff to achieve better patient outcomes.

Clinical Lead team

Published 19th December 2019

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