111 - Myth Busting


As you may know, EEAST have been working with our 111 providers in clinically assessing the 111 reviews and providing feedback to crews.


This is an ongoing process that has been extremely useful in identifying and sharing learning across the organisations.


At EEAST, there is a small team involved in this process who also meet with the four different 111 providers on a monthly basis for more in-depth call reviews.


One of the aims for the Trust is to create a positive, learning culture and a better understanding between the 111 providers and EEAST.


So, with this in mind, the team has produced a short and informative ‘myth busting’ presentationPlease download the presentation below. 


If you have any questions, please email 111Review@eastamb.nhs.uk. Please noteif a 111 review is needed, you will need to document #111Review in the CAD/EPCR and not email the details to this account.


Published 19th April 2021