Are we getting rid of ePCR?

ePCR using toughbook

A question recently came into rumour busting about the Trust’s commitment to ePCR. Here Dr Marsh responds with his views.

Question: There are rumours that CEO Anthony Marsh will revert the Trust back to paper patient care records because he is not in favour of ePCR. Is this the case?

Answer: This is news to me! I absolutely expect staff to use ePCR wherever it’s available.

Since ePCR has been introduced to ambulance services we’ve seen a good improvement in record retrieval and a decrease in missing records. Using ePCR also means that records are more legible, accurate and consistent across the Trust, and they do give an improved quality of care for patients both at scene and at handover.

I understand that there have been challenges in parts of the organisation in terms of acceptance of ePCR and the ability to embed and manage it; in March for example, our ePCR usage was at just 44% across the Trust. Some areas are consistently better than others, and it’s difficult for me to understand why there’s such a vast variation – I am encouraging managers to attend the monthly ePCR meetings to try and iron out some of these issues, particularly in areas where the usage is so low.

The contract for our current ePCR solution is due to come to an end in July 2016, so work has now begun to determine our future requirements.  In support of this, a review of ePCR is being undertaken across the Trust to understand where things are working well, areas of good practice and also the barriers and challenges.

Anthony Marsh
Chief Executive Officer

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