‘Cool as a cucumber’ Sasha awarded for 999 call

A Norfolk girl has been praised for keeping a cool head in an emergency when she found her mum unconscious.

Sasha Nutley, from Marham, demonstrated maturity beyond her years by dialling 999 on the night of Sunday, 6th September.

With no-one else in the house and her dad at work, Sasha, who has since turned five-years-old, dialled 999 and was put through to Call Handler Lizzie Martin at the Norwich EOC.

Sasha was unable to wake mum Emma, who has a heart condition, and explained her mum’s symptoms. With Emma having been unconscious for 30 minutes, Sasha spoke with Lizzie until the arrival of an ambulance crew.

Sasha attends Cherry Tree Academy Infants in Marham and was presented with a certificate praising her outstanding actions last Tuesday (6th October) at a school assembly.


Emma, 30, whose supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) causes her heart to beat too fast, said she was very proud of her daughter.

“I have taught her about when to phone 999, just in case, but this was the first time she had to call it.

“My heart had gone really fast and I tried to bring it down, but it was so fast and I had chest pain. I felt my chest getting quite tight and got on to the sofa. I woke up to find paramedics in the house and I wondered what was going on!

“Sasha was really excited about getting a certificate for what she did.”

Lizzie added that she was very impressed by the girl’s attitude.

“She was cool as a cucumber and answered all the questions I asked her and explained that her mummy had a poorly heartbeat and she could not wake her. She did really well,” she said.

Published 13th October, 2015

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