Free fuel offer ends

New ambulances June 16

During the Covid-19 pandemic, BP and Allstar have supported EEAST by offering free fuel for emergency services.

This offer has now ended and using BP forecourts is no longer a financially viable option for the Trust.

Please ensure that if you are using any fleet vehicle, you now need to utilise the bulk fuel at stations with immediate effect.

Bulk fuel stations are located at a number of ambulance stations and can provide diesel only.

Using the BP incentive has been a huge support for the Trust but it is now vitally important to revert back to the use of bulk fuel. 

Where this is not possible, it is important for all staff to use Allstar Premier sites and Supermarket forecourts as a secondary option, rather than the more expensive garages such as BP, Shell and Texaco.

Please also remember, that when fuelling on forecourts, to avoid using sites that do not accept Allstar Fuel cards and Premium Diesel.


Updated 1st April 2021

Published 30th March 2021