MDT software upgrade: trial starting next week


Currently our emergency fleet which are installed with mobile data are using three slightly different software models; these models are based around legacy requirements in use prior to regionalisation of our computer aided dispatch system (CAD).

In preparation for the upcoming CAD upgrade, we are in a position to roll out a regional software model which will mean no matter which ambulance or response vehicle you work on in the Trust, the layout of the MDT screen and its functionality will be the same. The rollout of the new regional model will be commencing in September.

The terminal hardware will remain the same, but you are likely to notice slight differences in the layout of buttons and the availability of functions.

In order to support this, each vehicle will be being provided with a copy of an Operational Instruction which will outline the changes and offer guidance.

A trial of the new software will be rolled out during a two week pilot from the 15th of September 2014. Full rollout once proven successful will be from the 1st October 2014.

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