Celebrating NHS sustainability day

Anthony Browne

Thursday (19th March) is NHS Sustainability Day, celebrating the importance that sustainable development plays within our National Health Service. We mark the event by profiling Anthony Browne, who last month joined the Trust as EEAST’s first sustainability manager.

Having spent more than 30 years working on sustainability and environmental projects in the commercial sector, most recently with IKEA, Anthony has dealt with everything from waste management to electric vehicle implementation and tree planting initiatives.

In his new role he is keen to use that experience to reduce, where possible, the impact we have on the communities we operate in and the wider environment, whilst hopefully saving some money that can be reinvested in the front line.

Anthony said: ‘I’m incredibly proud and excited to have been invited to join the EEAST team and am looking forward to building on the good work that has been started around the Trust.’

‘My last role involved reducing the environmental impact of the company in the course of daily operations. Cutting down on those wasted resources inevitably contributed to the overall profitability of the company.

‘At EEAST I fully expect we can do more of the same, but the great news is that those savings can then be redeployed back into front line services.

‘Tomorrow is NHS Sustainability Day, and it marks the start of an exciting time for us here at EEAST.

‘The Trust is already doing great things in terms of reducing its impact. We have projects underway to reduce our vehicle fuel use, phasing out of one-use plastics and improving our buildings to make them more energy efficient.

‘In my first few weeks I have also seen people trying to have a positive impact on their local environments from office staff in Melbourn setting up their own recycling systems (I’m on the case of improving our recycling Trust wide!) to improving the way we rotate medical stock ensuring that we make best use of short date resources.

‘As you can probably tell, I’m passionate about the environment and I’m really pleased to have met many colleagues across EEAST who feel the same way and are taking positive steps at home to be that bit greener. I firmly believe that we all have a duty to leave as small a footprint on the planet as we can whether that’s at home or work.’

Anthony is currently working on a Trust-wide sustainability plan which will be rolled out over the coming weeks and months, but if you’re keen to do your bit in the meantime why not:

  • cycle, walk or car share to work tomorrow
  • have a meat free day
  • have a print free day
  • turn the heating down and lights and TVs off in offices and stations when you leave
  • be a greener driver, there are lots of tips online
  • recycle more
  • use short date resources first and replenish with long dates behind
  • don’t take that plastic bag at the supermarket
  • plan a litter pick with your friends and family to improve your local environment
  • ask others for ideas, you might be surprised!


Published March 18th 2020

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