Reminder: changing personal details on GRS and ESR

Woman filling in form

Whenever you need to change your personal details like your name, address or marital status, you need to complete a HR2b form.

The form needs to be completed so that payroll have updated details in case they need to contact you at any point.

You and your line manager need to complete the form and send it to; your line manager can arrange for GRS to be updated, and the detail changes sent on to payroll.

The payroll system (ESR) automatically downloads to GRS between 24 and 72 hours after the changes have been made, so you don’t need to update GRS. But, it doesn’t work the other way around – so if you’ve updated your own details on GRS, it won’t have updated payroll. So it’s really important that you complete a HR2b form.

If you would like to check what details are logged on the system for you, you can either contact payroll on 01553 613 941 or HR services at

Published 29th October, 2015

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