Reminder: using the phone function within digital radios

EEAST RRVs and amb on scene

The Airwave terminals, or digital radios, that we have on our vehicles have the capability to call any UK telephone number. That means you can use them to make SPOC referrals etc., rather than using your personal phones.

How it works!

To call a number, simply press ‘9’ and then enter the phone number (radios are considered extensions of the Trust telephone system, so a ‘9’ is required for an outside line).

Use the up/down arrow to ensure that the telephone icon is selected. This will toggle between the radio and telephone icon. Remember to toggle back to the radio icon if you then want to make a direct radio call to an ISSI number. Just press the green telephone button to make the call.

The benefits of using your Airwave terminal over a standard mobile phone:

  • it has 99% geographical coverage (far better than any commercial network provider)
  • improved patient confidentiality - all calls are encrypted so cannot be eavesdropped
  • more resilient network infrastructure (better than any commercial provider)
  • cost saving over mobile telephone calls costs.

Please note that:

  • only telephone calls to an EOC are recorded as routed through the ICCS
  • the quality of the call may not be the same as a typical mobile phone.

Published 12th December, 2015

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