Stay vigilant - safety of vehicles and equipment

Blurred ambulance

On Sunday night (8th March) a fully liveried Private Ambulance owned by MET Medical was stolen from their St Albans depot near to our own St Albans standby point. The vehicle was locked but it only took a short while for the thieves to break into it and then disable the tracker system.

Fortunately this vehicle has now been spotted and recovered at a nearby location largely due to the power of social media. CCTV had captured a white van and four men enter MET Medical’s premises and then in full view of the cameras they broke into the vehicle. They made no attempt to disguise themselves or to hide from the CCTV.  

You are all asked to be extra vigilant and to report any suspicious activity on Trust premises to the Police, giving as much detail as you can. Please ensure vehicles are kept locked and the keys kept in the keysafe inside the ambulance station.    

Ensure all medical gas cabinets are securely locked as well. 

If something doesn’t appear right, then report it. Don’t take any chances – it is better to report it and be wrong than to do nothing.

Published 10th March 2020

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