The latest Learning and Development courses and Skill Boosters videos

Whilst there are fewer courses running over the summer, we appreciate you may wish to continue your learning and development.  Evolve never sleeps, so log-in and delve into all of the fantastic new Skill Boosters Videos.

Skill Boosters Videos

Within this collection of short and varied videos, you'll experience expert interviews, true life stories, dramatised scenarios and explainer videos, ideal as ice-breakers and discussion triggers.

In the true life stories, people will talk about the impact of their own experiences and the role other people's behaviour has played.

These videos are a useful and insightful way in which we can all find topics to relate to and, where we don't personally relate, it can give helpful ways in which to communicate with our peers, modify our behaviour and perhaps test our beliefs and long held opinions.

Delve in, learn and experience better working and personal relationships as a result.

To access the videos log-in to your Evolve account, go onto course library then go to Accessible Development for All (twice) where you will find the logo for skills booster (as per picture in middle of the poster) then the list of videos will appear. Each video lasting approx. 10-15 mins each and this will be recorded on your individual learning file once completed.

Learning and Development Courses


Quick Course Abbreviation Guide

MPT – Manager’s Passport Training – Masterclasses - maximum 1.5 hours, facilitated by SME’s on how to apply revised policy and process

I2M – Introduction to Management Programme – upskilling our Team Leaders/Supervisors/Managers/AGM’s/GM’s to become the best version of themselves  as important leaders of our people, our service for our organisation.






28th July 2021


Band 6+

Carrying Out Internal Investigations - NEW COURSE!!





29th July 2021



Mod 10 - Thinking patient safety workshop





30th July 2021



A Covid Secure Workplace - NEW SESSION!!





2nd August 2021



Disability Awareness





9th August 2021



Part 1 - Recruitment and Selection





10th August 2021



Special Leave Policy




Annual Leave and Secondment Policy





12th August 2021



Dignity at Work Policy




Sickness Policy





17th August 2021



Grievance Policy





19th August 2021



Safeguarding - An Overview







Key Information in a snapshot:

*** All the above are available for you to book online through your Evolve accounts: Evolve – Leadership & Management (appears at top in green toolbar) – Management Development Programmes ***  With the exception of the Internal Investigations Training – contact the Leadership Team for more info.

Managers Induction Programme – available online 24/7, no booking required, develops your awareness of all the L&M improvements we are making for you, Our people to  aid support, development and staff retention

Managers First 90 Days – all new Team Leaders/Supervisors/Line Managers need to complete this open programme, virtually online, available 24/7

MPT – (Manager’s Passport Training) – brings you up to date so you are safe and fit to practice in your management role.  Dealing with anything regarding policy and procedures being applied in practice in the workplace

Introduction to Management – supports all Team Leaders/Supervisors/LOM’s/Line Managers/AGM’s/GM’s etc in developing a variety of management skills that can be transposed easily into the workplace.  A 10 Module programme, requested by our people needing the support and development on these important subject areas.

Published 22nd July 2021

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