A Lent message from EEAST's Multi Faith Network


The Trust Multi-Faith Network are delighted to send this message produced by EEAST staff who are members of the Christian Ambulance Association, as part of our plan to communicate details of the main faith-based events in the calendar.   

For many across the Christian Faith, our thoughts are towards trial, temptation and of course the incoming resurrection of Jesus. Most of you will know Lent as a time to “give up something” (normally chocolate!)  The reasons for such a decision comes down to understanding what Lent truly is.

 Lent is when we remember that Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days, giving up food or water and simply “Living in faith”.  With COVID-19 causing havoc across the globe we ourselves may have come into our own “wilderness”. But regardless of what we’ve endured, for those in faith it’s a time to reflect and derive strength from God.

Common customs during Lent include prayer, fasting and giving. 

Prayer: The idea being to give away what we have and to focus ourselves on living free from our own clutter and giving back to God with thoughtful mediation and consideration.

Fasting: This can range from “giving something up” to literally not eating for some extended period of time, to consider what we have and what it’s like for those who aren’t as fortunate. It is a reminder that we cannot live simply on the items of this world.

Giving:  The consideration of “almsgiving” the most classic and One of the best-known Bible references is to “love thy neighbour” - the idea being to help one another spiritually, physically (maybe with food or shelter), financially or just helping someone else with something that is important to them.

Christian colleagues and patients may be using this time to centre themselves truly on Christ.  Supporting them as they perhaps fast or give something up is a great way to both connect, understand, and appreciate one-another more. 

To contact us, including if you’d like to be part of our new Muslim Staff Group, or would be interested to be part of another faith-based group please contact us at multifaith@eastamb.nhs.uk

You can also contact Albert, the Regional Coordinator for the Christian Ambulance Association at east@caauk.org or at www.caauk.net. 

Published 15th March 2021