A message from CEO, Dorothy Hosein on the 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive speaks to staff and volunteers on the 75th anniversary of VE Day (8th May):

Hello colleagues, I wanted to take a moment with you to savour the end of the second world war and the VE Day celebrations that took place 75 years ago today.

It really had a huge impact on the world, and we know that after VE day there was a lot of rebuilding of communities, families getting together and a huge joy and uplift and that’s wonderful to be able to savour that. But we know that wasn’t the end equally, there was a lot more hardship to come in that rebuilding.

What we did see out of that, also, was the NHS and the welfare state. So, something good came out of all of those troubles and I want to say a huge thank you and recognition also to all those folks that went through that period. I have some in my own family who are in their 80’s now, and in their 90’s, who have very clear recollection of those times.

Here at EEAST we are very lucky that we have a number of military personnel who has joined us on a full time basis, some who are reservists, some who are co-responders and we are delighted that we have that relationship.

In 2018, we received the gold award for support for the armed forces from the Ministry of Defence. That was a tremendous achievement. In preparation for COVID recently, we’ve had a number of military join us in addition to those who are already with us, so our relationship is very tight with the military. 

Now, I want to make a small comparison – I know that it is not a war, but it feels like a battle certainly – and that’s in COVID-19 and all of the work that we’ve been doing recently to prepare to support our patients and our staff during this really difficult period. It has been difficult and as we know it’s going to continue to be difficult for quite some time. 

I really want to thank everybody for all their work here at EEAST, all the volunteers, all of our staff. Here at Melbourn, my own team have been tremendous day in day out, putting in effort over and above what we normally would do.

There is a spirit, I believe, emerging around that community that we mentioned around VE day in terms of people really stepping up and saying how can I help? What more can I do? And so, we have to look for some of the real positives that can really come out in such as ad time while we know such a lot of people have suffered. 

So, I’ll leave it there for today. I look forward to seeing you all again next week and we’ll meet again. Thank you. 


Published 8th May 2020

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