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Access fobs – your questions answered

Last year we updated our door access systems for all offices and stations across the Trust, in line with the Verex system already used in Essex. More than 3,700 fobs have been issued, configured and activated in Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. This work has been completed before expanding the access rights of staff already holding access fobs in Essex, which is the intention for future work.

Here are some common questions answered about the new access fobs, including information on what to do if you lose your fob, how to get one for a new member of staff, and what to do with any old ones.

Lost fobs

If you lose your fob, please report it as soon as possible (before the end of your shift) to Estates will then deactivate your lost fob and issue you with a personal PIN that you can use to get into the same sites that your fob allowed you in, until your new one arrives. Remember that until you report it as lost, the fob is still your responsibility. Please don’t attach your door fob to your trust ID card.

The HEOCs also hold access codes for the doors and key safes for when fobs are lost or there is a system failure.

Fob amnesty

During the roll-out of the fobs, a large number needed to be re-issued as the originals were not passed to the intended recipient. If you have or find any of these inactive fobs please send them back to the estates team at Barton Mills so they can be reused, as they do have value – no questions will be asked!

Existing and new staff

If you need access fobs for a new member of staff, simply email with your request. Please make sure to include:

  • the employees HR number if known, or agency name
  • where they will be based
  • their job title and department, e.g. paramedic in A&E operations, media officer in communications etc.
  • their start date
  • their end date (if they don’t have a continuous contract).

If you have a fob that is not working or needs extra areas of access, please email as above with the fob number and your HR number, if you have one.

Leaving staff

All staff need to return their fob to their manager when they leave the Trust. Managers then need to contact estates on the email address above and then send the fob back to the team at Barton Mills.

Door unlocked time

At the moment doors unlock for five seconds; if you need the doors to be unlocked for a longer period of time, for example for wheelchair users, please email estates and they will be able to help.

If you have any other queries, please email estates at Where you can, please include your HR number (if you have one) in all communications to estates as it helps them to speed up their response to you.

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