ACP closures reflected on MiDoS

Unfortunately some services are having to close due to the pandemic, some of these closures are due to staff being unwell or re-distributed to help other services.

Sometimes these closures are at short notice and have an open ended closure date. In addition there maybe changes to the referral process.

When the MiDoS team are made aware we will update MiDoS, if you haven’t got access to your MiDoS account please email and we will be able to provide you with your login details.

Temporary Information (NEW)

This is displayed on the search results on the left hand side. When you press on the button you will be able to read more information and this can be used for changes to referral process or the criteria the service are accepting. It’s vital when you see this that you read the information.


Closed Exception

This can be used to override the normal opening times, for example if a service needs to shut early or is closed for a specific amount of time. It will alter the ‘Open Now’ and ‘Closed Now’ flag in the search results but will not affect the opening hours times, the example below shows a closure from 12pm on the 14th until the 31st. Please note there is an open exception which works in the opposite way to the closed exception but to open a service.

For all MiDoS enquires please contact

Published 14th January 2021