Advice for treating patients during Ramadan

Staff with patient in ambulance

Ramadan, the period of fasting and reflection for Muslims, starts on Saturday (28th June) until 28th July.

Typical clinical interventions that would break the fast include (the list is not exhaustive):

  • using aspirin
  • glucagon (IM)
  • glucose drip (IV)
  • glucose drinks.

The fast will not break when:

  • administering injections (intravenous, intramuscular and subcutaneous)
  • taking bloods (thumb pricks or intravenous)
  • using puffers and inhalers or eye and ear drops
  • eating or drinking unintentionally
  • using GTN (glyceryl trinitrate)
  • treating wounds
  • using nebulisers and oxygen
  • using salbutamol nebulisation
  • using saline infusion (IV)
  • using morphine (IV)
  • using diazepam
  • using adrenaline
  • using benzylpenicillin.

Please remember the importance of good communication with diverse patient groups and that tools such as Language Line and the multi-lingual phrasebooks should be used as best practice.

Further information, guidance and support is available on East24.


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