Case study: Dale Meacham-Roberts

Dale Meacham-Roberts

To mark Armed Forces Week, we spoke to EEAST's Dale Meacham-Roberts. Read his story:

Describe your regular job. What is your job title and role? How long have you done it for?

Paramedic since July 2008.

Describe your reservist role. What is your rank/unit?

Wg Cdr, National Representative, RAF Air Command.

Why did /what made you become a reservist? Have you ever been a regular/cadet/cadet force adult volunteer?

Ex Regular who wanted to retain contact with the military lifestyle.

How long have you been a reservist?

10 Years.

What was the application process and training like?

I was already professionally qualified and did not require additional training.

How does your company support you as a reservist?

They are a Gold standard supporter of Reserve Forces.

What have you been involved with since completing your basic training and what’s next?

I regularly support current operations.

How do you balance your reservist, work and personal commitments?

In cooperation with my employer.

What advice would you give anybody thinking of joining the reserves? What will they gain from the experience?

There is no huge commitment to the reserves but you need to be sure that the training fits in with your employment and family circumstances. It's also good to get your employer onside from the outset. You will enhance your personal skills and leadership qualities, face new and unusual challenges and have the opportunity to travel and work in challenging environments.

How do you feel about Reserves Day and Armed Forces Day? Have you been involved with it before?

Yes and I think it is an excellent way of recruiting new members and highlighting your individual commitment to your employer and work colleagues.

Published 28th June 2019

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