Bay doors broken? Call for help

Letchworth Station

We have had instances recently of staff attempting to free garage doors when they have failed due to a mechanical or electrical fault or vehicular impact.

Overhead doors are large, heavy objects and some move with the help of high tension springs and electric motors. If the door becomes defective and you are unable to move the door with the hand chain (if there is one), please do the following:

  • report the defect via your locality estates office if it happens during office hours
  • report the defect to your manager or the control room if not during office hours, who have the contractor’s contact details.

Our specialist door contractors provides a 24/7 response to emergency breakdowns, and will arrange for trapped vehicles to be released.

Breakdowns, accidents and faults should be reported via your line management so they are aware of the problem.

Never attempt to free a defective door yourself, as they have the potential to cause serious injury or death if the correct procedure is not followed. 

Areas around doors should be kept clear of brooms, shovels and waste bins, as these can cause the door to malfunction if they get knocked under the door or into the guides.

Published 21st September 2014 

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