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The FINAL Working Party 8 is taking place next week for all remaining stations who haven’t yet voted.

Thank you for your support and engagement

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, who have continued to engage and support the BBR team in this process, which has resulted in a successful delivery so far.

Additional FAQs following Working Party 7

Following on from Working Party 7, the BBR team has received several questions around annual leave and allocating lines on rotas, which led to double paramedic crews. Therefore we have created further FAQs, which we have included below for ease:

Christmas and any other annual leave

There have been numerous questions around annual leave throughout this process and whilst we have provided previous responses which can be found here, we would like to add further clarity to these.

Therefore, please find below a list of possible scenarios, to assist you in managing any pre-booked annual leave; whether it is over the Christmas period or any other time of year, whilst your existing rota transitions across to your new rota.

  1. Your new rota exceeds the number of shifts/hours booked;
    In the event that the time off required in your new rota exceeds the number of shifts/hours already booked, you will be required to book more leave to address the balance.  
  1. Your new rota exceeds the number of shifts/hours booked but you have no leave remaining;
    In the event you have no leave remaining you can either;
  • Agree shift/rest day swaps with your local management teams,
  • Convert overtime worked to TOIL,
  • Or, as a last resort, bring forward leave from your next leave year (however, this must not leave you with less than the statutory 28 days required to be taken in any given leave year).
  1. Your new rota has less than the number of shifts/hours booked;
    Equally, however, where less leave is required, then you will have any surplus hours returned to your leave allocation.

In order to minimise the impact when moving between rotas, consideration should be given to placing individuals on a new rota pattern that reflects as much as possible any rest days on their previous pattern. 

Allocating lines on rotas which lead to double paramedic crews

We have had numerous enquiries regarding the ability to allocate lines on rotas, that led to there being double paramedic crews.

Therefore, as clearly identified in the ISR modelling and subsequent funding, it facilitates a 70% paramedic and 30% other skill mix, which by default will lead eventually to there being double paramedic crews.

The following are some bullet points to assist you, in what needs to be considered, when there is a requirement to create double para crews. 

  1. A double para crew cannot be created when a paramedic vacancy exists elsewhere on that rota and or station where a similar working pattern and shift length exists. We need to ensure we maximise as much as practicable a paramedic on every resource.
  2. Double paramedic crews cannot exceed the budgeted allocation, for example:-
            a. A rota consisting of 10 staff can be rostered as 7 paramedics and 3 non paramedics, equally the proportionate split would need to be applied to funded relief element.
  3. It may be necessary to move a paramedic from a double paramedic line in the future where a paramedic vacancy is created and no backfill is immediately available, if the cover required on the vacated rota is at the same station and of a similar working pattern and shift length. The BBR line allocation process can be used for this purpose to support decision making and ensure consistency.
  4. We need to recognise that it may be necessary to split double paramedic crews during a shift where a crew exists elsewhere that has no paramedic on that vehicle.
  5. Please note it may not be necessary to complete an HR2 in the above circumstances, therefore, please seek HR/Local Management advice if you are uncertain.

Next Steps – Quick recap

Stations already voted;

These stations commenced their 45 day consultation period on 15th July, 2019.

(So, please be aware you will have the opportunity to a minimum of 2 x 1:1 consultation’s during this period if you feel this is required, which your AGM will arrange with you). 

Your AGM will also complete the line allocation required by Rostering Services during this time. Therefore once this has been completed and shared with the BBR team, this information will be passed to Rostering Services in order to upload ready for the stations own go live date. The respective planners will also be kept updated during this process.

Stations currently voting;

Stations which voted following WP7 will conclude on Friday 2nd August, 2019. Once the outcome of the chosen rota is determined, this will then be shared with employees and the BBR team ahead of the next 45 day consultation period, which will commence on Monday 12th August, 2019.

If you are unsure when your station is voting, then please speak with your representatives in the first instance and if you have any other queries, please feel free to contact the BBR team at

Stations voting following Working Party 8

For all remaining stations proceeding to Working Party 8, you will have a FINAL opportunity to do so following WP8 week (held on the 6th & 7th August). The voting period following WP8 will run from 19th August, 2019 to 2nd September, 2019. 

**Therefore please note: all voting will HAVE TO BE concluded by 2nd September, 2019**

Additional support available

The BBR team can provide additional support, which may be required by the Working Party Representatives in between working parties, please feel free to contact the team at

Published 1st August 2019

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