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The next set of Go Live Dates will take place during January 2020. The new rota patterns for the stations with January go live dates have been uploaded onto GRS. If you are not able to view your new rota, please contact your local planning teams.  

You should also be in receipt of your 30 Day Notification of Change Letter within the next week if you have not yet received it. As we move into the new year, we will then focus on the stations with February go live dates. Many thanks to all working party reps, managers and staff for enabling us to get to this position.

Please remember the go live date for each station will vary and that your actual date is indicated within the 30 Day Notification of Change Letter. If you are unsure of your own rota go live date, please contact your AGM.

As previously discussed with locality management teams, where there are multiple changes to T&C that would normally generate an HR2 to be completed, then passed to payroll, we have agreed that the spreadsheet (available to download below) can be used instead of a plethora of HR2’s, if you would find it easier.

It was identified by our payroll provider that they were unable to process some of the changes included on the spreadsheets as some required new position numbers, for example where the members of staff had moved from relief to a rota line.

To mitigate this, once you have completed the details required on the spreadsheet, can you please email it to so that position numbers can be added where required and then they will forward the complete spreadsheet to our payroll provider. Please also copy in at the same time to enable us to audit progress.

Additional information and support available

If you require any other information please feel free to check out our useful BBR pages on EAST24 or please feel free to contact the team at

The BBR Working Group would like to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas, together with best wishes for a happy new year.

Published 12th December 2019