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Following the working party 6 meetings, your working party representatives should now be in receipt of the working party packs which can all be accessed on EAST 24. 

Some areas have already indicated they are ready to vote and we have asked all working party representatives to confirm which stations are definitely ready now to proceed to a vote (based on the latest A & B options) by the end of this week so we can share this information with you all on Monday 24th June.

Your working party representatives have also taken your questions to the BBR project team for the latest FAQs (WP6) document. The FAQs document (available for download here and on East24) has been produced to answer your questions. You will see there are two questions still awaiting a response which have been left in the document for your awareness and we hope to share a full response with you next week. Please see below some of the questions and answers.

Does a 52-week rota mean that I will always be working Christmas? 

No.  A 52-week rota with shifts spread over weekdays and weekends will not result in a rostered day on Christmas every year.  This is because a 52-week rota covers 364 days, whereas a calendar year has 365 days (or 366 days in a leap year, such as 2020). For example, if you are on a 4on/4off rota and rostered to work the 1st shift of a block of 4 shifts on Christmas Day 2019 then your rostered shifts on 25th December would change as follows:


My station is ready to vote, but the line I want to vote for is not available to vote on. Can I hold my vote back? 

Yes, you will have an idea before the vote of what each rota may be. If you see a rota you want to work on and it is not available to vote on at the moment, you can hold your vote back for when it becomes available. Please be aware - In order to help keep you informed as and when it is identified to the BBR project team that areas are proceeding to vote we will ensure this is published via the usual BBR channels (using all staff emails and Need to Know). 


Thank you again for your continued engagement and support in this process and should you have any further queries please feel free to contact the BBR team at


Published 20th June 2019

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