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We are pleased to confirm the final station will soon be going live with their new BBR rota pattern on 31st March 2020. This will mean as a Trust 100% of our stations will have gone live wherever possible with 100% of their new chosen rotas. 

This has been achieved with the engagement and support of you all, therefore we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our working party representatives, managers and our employees for your support, time, commitment and effort you have given throughout this entire process, which has been invaluable. 

We will, at some point, arrange another Town Hall event when it is safe to do so and will invite all our working party representatives and AGMs to come along. This will enable us all to review the BBR approach, obtain feedback and learn any valuable lessons. Further information will follow in the coming months.

Payroll Update
The remaining areas who were using the bulk changes spreadsheet continue to be processed and nearly all will be paid during March either in the main run or the sup run with the remaining paid in April. 

We again apologise for this delay and thank all of you that are affected by this, for your continued patience.  Please can we ask that if you believe you may have been overpaid, then it would be prudent, if possible, to put those monies aside enabling it to be paid back to Trust when requested.

Rota Email Address
The BBR email address has now closed and is no longer being monitored. Therefore, should any staff who have either recently gone live or are due to go live have any queries related to their new rotas, please contact Barry Jarvis, BBR HR Advisor, who will forward your email to the relevant person or team for comment. Should you have any queries around your new rota being on GRS please contact Tracey Valentine, BBR Locality Lead. Should you have any outstanding queries relating to estates requirements please can we ask you to contact your relevant estates team member.

Additional information and BBR Toolkit
If you require any other information, please feel free to check out our updated BBR Legacy pages on EAST24. We have also created a BBR Toolkit which will provide you with all the relevant information and tools required to review your rotas in the future which will be available on EAST24 shortly. 




Published 26th March 2020

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