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Following on from another positive and encouraging working party 7 week there are a large number of stations who are currently finalising their A & B options. Thank you again to all those involved for your continued engagement and support during the working party week and throughout this process. 

Working Party 7 – FAQs

A number of questions were raised across the working party 7 meetings which the BBR team are currently in the process of collating and hope to share these with you next week. In the meantime, we have included a couple of the most regular questions asked this week below.

I am currently working on a HCRT vehicle. Is this included in the BBR process and if so how will this affect me?
It is our understanding that HCRT vehicles are to be consumed within EMT vehicles and therefore should be included within the BBR process. However, if an employee in this scenario is unable to move across to an EMT vehicle due to insufficient driver qualification or skill level then the employee will continue as is within their role and remain operating a HCRT vehicle until such time that the individual is able to up-skill or a suitable alternative role is identified. 

Can you describe how a Spare Capacity Day (SCD) could work particularly in rotas where there is only 1 or 2 a year for example?
Although SCDs are shown on specific days within a rota, it is possible by mutual agreement between local managers and the individual concerned, to work those hours using the following alternatives; on other days within the rota, take the required hours off of any SCD on annual leave, trade off the required hours against TOIL, use some or all of the SCD hours towards such activities as CPD, PU, compassionate conversations or other Trust activities. The default position, if none of these alternatives are taken, is that work will be allocated on the specified day shown for SCDs for the appropriate hours in line with section 6 of the Trust relief policy.

Next steps – what happens now?

The working party 7 packs are currently being worked on and will be distributed to your working party representatives as soon as they are available. This information will then be shared with you and uploaded onto EAST 24.

For those stations who have already voted
The conclusion for the first round of voting will end tomorrow, Friday 12th July, at which time the BBR team will be contacting the AGM's to determine the outcome of the vote. Once the outcome is known, the chosen rota will then be forwarded to Rostering Services to upload.   

The 45 day consultation period will then take place for these stations commencing next week, Monday 15th July. So please be aware you will have the opportunity to a minimum of 2 x 1:1 consultation’s during this period if you feel this is required, which your AGM will arrange with you. 

For those stations getting ready to vote
Some stations will be finalising their A & B rota options and will be ready to proceed to a vote, which will run from the 22nd July until 5th August.

If you are unsure whether your station is ready to vote then please speak with your representatives in the first instance and if you have any other queries please feel free to contact the BBR team at

The AGM’s and GM’s have been provided with a 'Proceed to Vote' letter detailing the next steps to be sent to all employees by no later than Monday 15th July, which needs to include all employees currently absent from work to ensure all employees are clear of the next steps and have enough time to plan when they will vote.

For those stations not yet ready to vote
For those stations who are not currently ready to vote, you will have a FINAL opportunity to do so following working party 8 week (held on the 6th & 7th August). The voting period following working party 8 will run from 19th August, 2019 to 2nd September. 

**All voting will have to have concluded by 2nd September, 2019**

Additional support available

The BBR team can provide additional support, which may be required by the working party representatives in between working parties, please feel free to contact the team at

Published 11th July 2019

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