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Several stations are now voting following a positive and encouraging Working Party 7 (WP7) week, with the remaining stations working towards finalising their A and B options in preparation for their FINAL Working Party (8).

Working Party 7 – FAQs

Several questions were raised across the Working Party 7 meetings, which have been split into two FAQ documents. One of which captures generic questions and the other is focused more around HR questions, which we felt would be useful throughout the consultation and period. These can be downloaded here or found on EAST24.

NEXT STEPS REMINDER – What’s happening now?

For those stations who have already voted;

The conclusion for the first round of voting following WP6 ended Friday 12th July. The outcome of the chosen rota has already been shared with employees at the respective stations and the BBR team. These stations have now proceeded to their 45-day consultation period, which started on the 15th July 2019.

Your Assistant General Manager (AGM) will complete the line allocation required by Rostering Services during this time. Once this has been completed and shared with the BBR team, this information will be passed to Rostering Services, ready for the stations own go live date. The respective planners will also be kept updated during this process.

For those stations currently voting;

Several stations have started the voting process following WP7 and this will conclude on Monday 5th August. Votes will be counted by 9th August ahead of the next 45-day consultation period, which will commence on Monday 12th August 2019.

If you are unsure when your station is voting, then please speak with your representatives in the first instance and if you have any other queries, please feel free to contact the BBR team at:

For those stations not yet ready to vote;

For those stations that are not currently ready to vote, there will be a FINAL opportunity to do so following WP8 week (held on the 6th & 7th August). The voting period following WP8 will run from 19th August to 2nd September 2019. 

**Please note: all voting MUST BE concluded by 2nd September 2019**

Please find below a voting and consultation timetable following each Working Party 6,7 & 8 which we hope you find helpful.

Additional support available

The BBR team can provide additional support, which may be required by the Working Party Representatives in between working parties. Please feel free to contact the team at

Published 25th July 2019

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