Behind the scenes: Mark Hayes, Commercial Training and Business Manager

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This week in our ‘behind the scenes’ hot seat is Mark Hayes, our newly appointed Commercial Training and Business Manager. Mark has been with us for a month, so Need to Know caught up with him to see how he’s settling in….

Mark, welcome to the Trust! First off, tell us a bit about yourself:

I’ve always been on the commercial side of business, negotiating contracts, driving sales and promoting products. All very dull, but most of my career has been doing those things in the travel business which is much more fun. So I’ve worked for companies like Thomas Cook, Royal Caribbean Cruises, the Disney Corporation, the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and the Millennium Dome. More recently I have worked for Cornwall College, and then Somerset College, designing and selling training to the NHS and other businesses. Highlights include: training 45 Lunn Poly regional directors on the delights of cruising…while cruising round the Bahamas!

So tell us a bit about what you do here at EEAST

I head up the commercial training team - we’re the team that goes out and trains businesses and individuals in first aid at work, first person on scene, basic life support and so on. The money we bring in goes straight back into the Trust to fund more staff and kit.

I love the reaction I get from businesses that I go and see about their training needs. They are always really pleased and surprised to hear that we do provide training and the goodwill towards the service puts a smile on my face.

What kind of things should people get in touch with you about? What can you help them with?

It would be wonderful if everyone in EEAST became our eyes and eyes on the ground. If there is any business you think may need first aid training, let us know. If every colleague sent me just one contact whose business may need training, and I could convert just 10% of them to sales, it would completely transform our service. But bear in mind we are trying to do fewer, bigger pieces of training, as it is easier to plan and deliver and is more valuable to the Trust!

Which of the Trust values (respect, care, teamwork, quality, honesty) is most important to you, and why?

Teamwork because, if we are all truly working for each other, all the other values come naturally.

Tell us something people might not know about you?

I worked as a removal man and a butcher in my gap year, sorry veggies!

Published 29th July, 2016

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