Being at the forefront of progress: this week’s leadership message is from Head of Quality Improvement and Professional Standards, Lewis Andrews

EEAST RRVs and amb on scene

The summer holidays are officially over. Children are returning back to school and with the new academic year we move closer to winter. Thank you to everyone for your continued hard work and excellent patient care, especially over a busy summer period.

As Head of Quality Improvement and Professional Standards, my role is all about working to improve all we do in relation to quality and safety for our patients. This covers many aspects. Last month we undertook a Trust wide assurance visit, as part of our continued monitoring to highlight areas of great practice and those with opportunities for improvement. The team comprised of our staff, members from both the executive and non-executive directors, NHSi, colleagues from various CCG’ and quality leads from ambulance trusts. They spoke to staff across all work areas, from patient-facing, control room to finance, fleet and patient transport services (PTS). I would personally like to thank all staff, leaders and volunteers who had interaction with them and provided honest feedback. The feedback I received from the team was that our staff were keen to share experiences and interacted at all levels and were positive and professional and supported the process. The visit highlighted the huge amount of work that has been completed in many areas and It’s so important that we continue to progress in all aspects. A report from the visit is currently being put together and will be released in the coming weeks, so keep your eyes peeled for it on Need to Know.

One of the many things our team looks at is how we can progress EEAST to be a leader in our sector. One way we can do this is through clinical leadership and collaborative progress. With the importance of financial review ongoing in the NHS we need to ensure we are at the forefront of this workstream. To this end, we are in the process of looking at the products and equipment we use to see if we can support patient care in a more efficient way. This is not just internally, but right across the system following the patient’s journey. An example of this is the trial of a new ECG electrode which is ongoing in Cambridge and Harlow with EEAST leading the work with each acute hospital. Hospital staff usually replace the ECG dots with their own when a patient is transferred, as these are not compatible with their equipment. We began a trial for a new ECG electrode that was compatible for both our monitors and those within the acute setting, this reducing the need to reapply ECG electrodes upon arrival at the hospital. The reduction in needing to re-apply electrodes reduces the risk of skin damage, promotes a better patient experience and will potentially save the health system money. The project is also being reviewed at a national level so it is great that you are part of an initiative which is being led by us.

As a clinical team we have been visiting stations over the last few months and are really pleased to see lots of great ideas about how we can better support our staff. Thank you to everyone. If you do have any ideas for change, big or small, please send them to

In order to support our staff when it comes to clinical improvement, we are announcing (drum roll) our Clinical Briefing Day next month. This one day conference repeated over two days will take our staff back to basics, but also a look into the future – a chance to support you in terms of teamwork, clinical leadership. There will be guest speakers, interactive workshops and much more. We only have 200 tickets for each day and it will take place on Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th October. To book you place and to see more information, please click here to the article on Need to Know. We look forward to seeing you at the event.

Have a great week and keep up the good work,


Published 7th September, 2017

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