Benches to be distributed across EEAST

Benches charity

Thanks to a Covid-19 grant received from NHS Charities Together, the EEAST Charity is currently distributing over 120 benches across 80 Trust sites for the benefit of staff and volunteers.

The benches were chosen to enhance and encourage the use of outdoor spaces, provide an alternative space for breaks and to recognise the wellbeing benefits achieved from being outside.

Working with the Estates Team, the benches have been specifically selected to be hardwearing and support the Trusts commitment to the environment, as they have all been made from 100% recycled plastic.

The benches are part of a number of projects supported by EEAST's Charity and funded by NHS Charities Together. EEAST received the grant from NHS Charities Together, which was a direct result of the nation’s outpouring of support for the NHS and the fundraising efforts of Captain Sir Tom Moore. The grant we received was for the specific purpose of enhancing the well-being of staff, volunteers and communities affected by Covid-19.


As a result of a NTK article, a group of volunteers from across the Trust formed the Charity Working Group. This was to facilitate the best use of the grant to benefit as many colleagues as possible.

The chosen initiatives were:

The COVID-19 pin badges, to offer a small but heartfelt thank you to all EEAST colleagues for their incredible support during the pandemic.

Creating wellbeing gardens across Trust locations to enhance outdoor space and provide a calming area to relax. Currently eight localities have been identified and are in varying stages of completion. The distribution of the benches was chosen to support a wider cross section of sites, including those with limited outdoor space.

The ‘Goodie boxes’ were also funded via the NHS Charity Together grant, following a decision by the Executive Team to say thank you during a particular period of increased pressure.

Funds have also been ring fenced to support therapy animals.

If you are interested in enhancing your on-site workplace so as to improve colleagues wellbeing and enrich your station or depot, EEAST charitable funds may be able to support via station funds or, in particular cases, via the General Fund / Covid-19 fund.

To find out how to utilise charitable funds, please visit Charitable Funds Strategy which outlines criteria for use and the steps required to gain access to charitable funds.

The link also contains details of how to fundraise for EEAST Charitable funds, supporting colleagues through charitable donations. Further information can also be obtained by emailing


Published 28th October 2021