Changes to BOC Entonox and O2 cylinders

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As of 17th July we will be changing both our Entonox and O2 cylinders. The cylinders will be the same size as previous ones but hold double the volume of gases inside. By doing this we will reduce the volume of cylinders we have on rental from BOC and the number of times the cylinders will require to be changed.

Currently we hold O2 in both CD and F sizes.  These will change to ZD and ZX.
The ZDs will replace the CD and no work will be required for these cylinders.
The F size will be replaced with the ZX.This does require some work on current vehicles, which will take place in the coming months.

The Entonox will also change from a D to an ED cylinder. Again, this requires some work on the current fleet.

All new vehicles coming in from Barton Mills will already have new cylinders on, but for the time being while work is still being done, stations will receive a supply of both new and old cylinders.

Details of the new cylinders and the volumes that they will carry are attached below.

It is important to note that once in the red on the new cylinders you still have up to 75 mins of Oxygen if on a low flowrate.

Published 15th July 2019

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