Building better rotas: a new way forward

Building better rotas

We’re pleased to say the Trust is going into 2019 with a new way forward for the Building Better Rotas (BBR) project, and want to update all staff on work done during the pause.

The project was paused on the 3rd October at the Staff Partnership Forum, following a number of concerns raised by staff and via Unison. The BBR Working Group, comprising of EEAST, Unison and WTS representation, took on board these concerns which included feedback from 2018 working parties, surveys, emails, comments on Need to Know and other channels. 

Work has carried on since October to find a different way of looking at relief and rota planning. As a separate piece of work during this same period, a new harmonised Relief Policy has been developed and agreed, which we communicated about and will ‘go live’ from 1st April. 

Knowing there is more than one solution to implementing the best rotas for patient safety and staff welfare, the BBR working group put forward proposals to EEAST’s executive team for approval and a joint review with Unison.

We have been working through a revised timeline for delivery during 2019. The BBR working group including Working Time Solutions are finalising the approach needed for this to be delivered. This decision has also been received positively by Unison colleagues, and will see working parties set up in the early spring.

Working party reps who worked on the process last year, will be made aware of the details and have been invited to continue working with the working group in the same capacity.

We’ve emailed manager groups to pass this information on, but the update is available as a download below too.

Thank you again to everyone who has embraced the consultative process thus far, understood the time we’ve needed to look at a new way forward, and have given feedback and perspectives about building rotas for their areas.

Published 1st February 2019

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