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The AOC and Patient Safety teams would like to share some organisational learning around access to a property that has arisen from a recent incident. 
Specifically, who held the information to allow an EEAST emergency response to access a site that was not recorded on the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system.

The process for storing this sort of information falls under ESOP21 - Management of Risk Markers within EOC and the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Markers Policy
Under these Policies and Procedures, 'risk' can include:

  • Patient care plans (COPD Alerts, Advanced Care Plans and specialised treatments etc.)
  • Risk alerts (violence, weapons, police attendance required etc)
  • Regular caller action/response plans
  • Location of defibrillators in the local area
  • Access details (Key Safe, SATNAV overrides etc)
  • Safeguarding concerns (Provided from other agencies).

Any information that is received into the Trust relating to storing information on CAD for the headings above should be forwarded to:
anything except Violence/safety concerns:
anything to do with Violence/safety: 

This way we can ensure that the information is accessed, stored, reviewed, and made available for emergency response by the control room team. 
All information stored in this way is governed and reviewed and access risk markers are logged and auditable.

Thanks for your assistance


Published September 28th 20

From Paul Vinters: Thank you we are looking at options of how we can best signpost this function to external bodies, fire, police, local authorities etc. If any Trust responder is made aware of information when responding to an incident that would allow for better access to patient then they are encouraged to contact their AOC who are able to enter temporary flags and will ensure the CAD flags process is followed.
Chris Lewis
01 October 2020

How do members of the public report the key safe number and position.
Can we as CFRs report this using the cadflags email?

30 September 2020

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