Call auditing changes have arrived

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The newest version of the MPDS audit policy was implemented in the HEOCs at the beginning of February. This version incorporates the newest performance standards from the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch and sees a shift from compliance scoring in percentages to the introduction of compliance categories.

The way in which the calls are audited has not changed significantly but the way in which compliance is reported and managed has. These changes include:

  • new reporting tools for better trend analysis
  • the inclusion of a score for customer service and diagnostic tools
  • changes to the way in which feedback is given.

The process places more emphasis on quality improvement and dealing with ‘critical’ issues as a priority. The old ‘action plan’ process has been replaced with new performance improvement plans which are managed by the HEOC and are designed to support and develop each member of staff on an individual basis where a need is identified.

Call handlers can expect to see a different style ‘audit’ form and will be asked to complete a reflective practice exercise for some cases (as required) as well as meeting with an a certified EMD-Q (CHTL or auditor) for feedback.

The audit team are continuing to meet with call handlers on a one-to-one basis to answer any questions on the new forms and reporting.

The policy is available on East24 and a summarised factsheet and information pack has been sent to all HEOC team leaders and duty managers.

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