Call for frontline operations support

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to place significantly increased demand on the NHS and EEAST.  We need to ensure that we have as many staff as possible on the frontline to enable us to deliver services to our patients through the pandemic.

Our frontline colleagues are in urgent need of our support to meet service delivery demands and so we are requesting that all support service staff who possess any of the following skills, experience or qualifications consider whether they are in a position to provide critical support for our frontline colleagues:

  • Clinical skills and qualifications
  • Call handling experience
  • C1 entitlement on their driving licence
  • Management skills including mediation

If you meet any of the above criteria and are willing to help, please complete the questionnaire here to help us process your details and provide our frontline colleagues with much needed support.

We are requesting you to consider whether you are able to help on an overtime basis or in place of your usual duties. Once your details are processed and a frontline role is identified in either A&E, AOC or PTS, you will be contacted by to discuss this further and make any necessary arrangements.

The support you have provided during this pandemic has been phenomenal with many of you having to change and adapt working arrangements at little to short notice. Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated within the Senior Leadership Team.

Please can you complete and submit your questionnaire by Monday 25 January 2021 if applicable.

Published 20th January 2021