Call handler helps save life on ride-out

Archie Roques

One of our fantastic call handlers from Norwich EOC, Archie Roques, was on a ride-out shift with a crew from Longwater Depot, when he helped a patient recover from a cardiac arrest in September 2019.

As any clinician will tell you, seeing a patient recover from a cardiac arrest is one of the best - and sadly most rare - parts of the job.

The first job the crew attended was a male, reported to be in abdominal pain, with breathing difficulties. On arrival it was evident that the patient was in cardiac arrest. As there were only two members of crew on scene, Archie assisted in providing basic life support to the patient. After six minutes of providing chest compressions and ventilations, the patient’s heart began beating again. Shortly afterwards, he had started to wake up and was able to speak with the crews.

The family contacted the Trust, to pass on their thanks to the attending crews:

"Although our father passed away two weeks later, the efforts of the team involved gave us, as a family, the chance to say goodbye and for that we will be eternally grateful."

Archie said: "It was such a privilege to be part of that job and to be able to work with the team and contribute something. It has just really brought home why we do what we do and (for me) a powerful reminder of what happens, after we've put down the phone."

"The crew were so welcoming and encouraging and the whole shift was just amazing - to know that we made a lasting impact on that family will stay with me for a long time."

Paramedic, David Hawkins, said: "It was one of those very rare but wonderful jobs, to get a ROSC in a 93 year old and to meet him afterwards was priceless."

Published 27th November 2019

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