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The commercial contact centre, based in Norwich, has a new identity from today. The team is now known as CallEEAST and over this week they will be telling us more about who they are, what they do and why the new identity is so important. 

Andrew Gay, CallEEAST Manager said: ‘Here at CallEEAST we handle calls for 79 different contracts. We run the Patient Transport Eligibility Screening and Booking Service for all of EEAST’s current PTS contracts but we also handle calls for a diverse client base across the UK which could be anything from vets to GPs. 

‘The department is designed to handle private contracts as well in order to increase financial income for the organisation and re-invest any profitable income back into the frontline and support services of EEAST.’ 

‘As a team we have 63 members of staff handling around 800,000 calls every year. The centre itself has been around for a long team and despite having various names including the commercial contact centre and Medicom. This new branding really demonstrates that we are part of EEAST, which really means something to us and the organisation. This is incredibly exciting for us here at CallEEAST, and I am thrilled to be sharing with the rest of our colleagues here at EEAST!

‘This new brand not only gives us a clear internal identity but is the first stage of really focusing on increasing our contractual portfolio. Moving forward, we will be releasing the brand externally on 1st April via a range of channels, including social media and exhibitions. We will be actively pursuing more commercial opportunities and positioning ourselves to win and obtain additional business, making this is a pivotal time for us and EEAST.

‘I would like to say a huge thank you to all the internal teams who supported us to get where we are. You have all been amazing and hugely supportive!

‘I’m looking forward to telling our colleagues more about our work and who our clients are over the coming week.’

Gary Morgan, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, said:

‘The rebranding and launch of the new identity of CallEEAST gives us an opportunity to build on the excellent work of the team over the past few years to bring in new business for the benefits of the wider organisation. I would like to thank Andy and the team and encourage support from all areas across the Trust in helping to develop CallEEAST further over the coming months’

Stay tuned for our articles over the course of the week, and of course if any of you have any queries or ideas, CallEEAST would love to hear from you. Please email the team at:

Published 2nd March 2020

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