Calling Patients Back

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Currently the patient’s telephone number is included in the information passed to the MDT.

This is currently in the process of being removed today due to a practice which has emerged where crews have called back patients to

  • Perform unrecorded telephone triage (i.e. by non ECAT staff without the associated governance or training)
  • Gain more information about the patient before arrival (which is linked to above)
  • Confirm locations

This is not a governed or approved clinical process/practice but appears to have developed over time. As you are aware EEAST have an AOC and ECAT team whose duty is to perform these functions through a governed process (including using recorded lines, using established systems and processes and with specific training to support clinical risk).

Therefore, given as this is an ongoing issue which is causing potential risk, we are removing the patients phone number from the MDT text transmission.

We would ask you to support this process, so that the AOC teams do not provide patients telephone numbers without a valid reason. Exceptions will be authorised by the DEO / Clinical Coordinator. If you need further information on the patient or location, please contact dispatch via the normal route. 

Many thanks for your assistance.



Published 18 February 2020

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