Celebrating our leaders - A year down the line …

The leadership and management development programme began last year, and what a year it’s been.

Matt Broad, then Director of NS&C asked Jill Page, OD Manager to work with him and his team to devise a leadership programme to support his operational DLOs.

A pilot started in July last year initially these were made up of front line operations and one DEO from Norwich EOC.

The aim of the programme is to give our future leaders the tools to undertake their role effectively, engage with our staff and support and value them through a variety of leadership tools, techniques and practices.

A celebration of learning event was held on Friday, 18th November in Melbourn, where we celebrated the achievements of Cohort 1, the pilot group.

As part of the programme cohorts work together to complete a group project, the aim being to demonstrate their leadership skills developed and utilised on the programme.  This includes self-awareness, communication skills, valuing our staff and the diversity they bring, the importance of positive appraisals, how to have difficult conversations as well as exploring our own attitudes and behaviours, developing our integrity and credibility as leaders for the future, to name but a few. 

Jill Page, Organisational Development Manager, congratulated the group, adding: “It is important to appreciate this fantastic cohort have all come from different starting points, all experiencing very different and sometimes difficult  journeys along the way each with their own individual challenges.  I am immensely proud of them all and look forward to working with them in the future.

“Part of the deal of being a pilot group is that we work collectively together to shape the content and structure of the programme. All of Cohort 1 have been instrumental in shaping this programme for EEAST’s future leaders.  To enable the theory is transposed into practical operational practice the programme has been supported by Terry Hicks, formerly SLM for West Norfolk.  This has been crucial that we contextualise the theory into practice with real time operational workplace practices, this makes it more meaningful and relevant for the staff on the programme”.

Watch out for a regular guest blog and further information being launched soon about future leadership programmes.

Published 28th November, 2016

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