CFR Falls Pilot Expansion

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The Trust has been working on an innovative approach to develop the scope of community first responders (CFRs) to attend non-injury falls to enable reduced waiting times for patients who have fallen.

The trial commenced in September, which saw a small number of CFR groups undergo additional training and equipment to attend low acuity patients who had fallen.

The trial has been a success to date and as such an expansion of responding groups will go live on Monday 2 December. This will see an increase in CFR falls groups from the current four to 21 across EEAST alongside an additional three RAF falls responders. These have been selected based on areas with high low acuity fallers.

The CFR falls responders will only attend patient who have fallen with no obvious injuries and is coded through MPDS as a category 3 or 4.

The CFR falls responders will act within their scope of competency and will seek the assistance of the Clinical Advice Line (CAL) if they are unsure if the patient has a medical need and to enable CFRs to discharge care of falls patients.

The AOC teams will deploy the selected CFR falls responders to any non-injury fall (within the predefined code set), within their defined geographical boundaries via direct call only. This deployment will be in addition to their current deployment criteria as set out inĀ ESOP25 Deployment Guidelines.

We will continue to look for new ways to improve our service to our patient through innovative approaches and working collaboratively with our community responders.

If you have any thoughts, feedback or comments on this trial, please send your comments to

Published 28 November 2019

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