Change to motor accident reporting reaping benefits

A simpler, more efficient process for reporting a motor accident in a trust vehicle has been put in place

The Trust is already benefitting from a change in reporting procedures for motor accidents just a few weeks since it was introduced.

Drivers now directly report accidents to our insurer, QBE, from the scene and all the details of the accident are taken down, the claim is logged and the Fleet department is notified.

The benefits from the new system include:

  Old System New System
Average Overall Accident Reporting Time  6.6 days 2.6 days
Average Reporting Time With Third Party Vehicle Involved 6 Days 0.7 days
Capture Rate Of Third Party Repairs 63% 100%

Every third party repair that can be captured by our insurers, rather than leaving it to be repaired by the third party’s insurer, has an average saving of £2,054 in cheaper repairs and reduced hire costs.

The cost savings to the Trust are significant and are only going to increase going forward.

By now all EEAST vehicles should have a new keyring with the telephone number to report accidents, 0808 100 8181. If your vehicle does not have one please ask your line manager for one, or contact the fleet insurance office:

Click here to view the new Standard Operational Procedure (SOPFL19) for Reporting Vehicle Accidents.

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