Changes to talk groups in Essex

RRV with blurred paramedic

Following the introduction of the new healthcare referral team desk in Chelmsford EOC, there will be some changes to talk groups. Currently seven talk groups are utilised by five dispatch areas in Essex:

  • the south-west dispatch area use talk groups 32 and 65
  • the north Essex dispatch area use talk groups 3 and 31.

To allow time before the launch of the HCRT desk, from Saturday (1st November) the following changes will be made:

  • all resources on the south west dispatch channel (ESWST and ESMID) will use talk group 32
  • all resources on the north dispatch channel (ECOLC and ETEND) will use talk group 31.

These channels will be renamed to reflect this.

After 1st November, the talk group 65 and 3 will no longer be used for emergency operational deployment, and will instead become the HCRT talk groups (65 will be Essex and 3 will be Bedford).

Please could all crews in Essex ensure they are signing onto the correct talk groups from Saturday.

Published 30th October 2014 

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