Changes to urology at Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Staff with patient on stretcher at accident and emergency

From Monday (4 September), the urology emergency service, at Hinchingbrooke Hospital will transfer to Peterborough City Hospital due to long-standing staffing issues.

This change in service will allow the hospital to provide a safe and robust service for emergency urology patients, while aiming to develop and improve the urology service for outpatient and elective work.

The urology team based at Hinchingbrooke Hospital will remain fully staffed and on-call until October, allowing for assessment and review of any issues during this transition. There will be urology service available from 9am to 5pm at Hinchingbrooke able to provide a comprehensive service including any emergencies that do present not requiring admission.

Pathways have been designed and are currently under consultation to ensure patients are transferred in the safest and most convenient manner.

Transfers will depend on the clinical urgency and the patients’ preference among other factors, which may involve ambulance transfer when necessary.

It will be regarded as one admission once the patient has been registered at the emergency department.

Below is a FAQ, provided by Hinchingbrooke Hospital:

  1. Q. How will patients be transferred?      
    A. Safest and most convenient manner on redesigned pathways; service consulting and confirming details.
  2. Q. Will it be one admission?                       
    A. Yes after registration at the emergency department.
  3. Q. How is it proposed to be operated?  
    A. Transfer based on clinical urgency, patient choice with ambulance transfer when necessary. Service is for Urology emergencies only.
  4. Q. What about surgical emergencies?    
    A. Urology service will be available at the hospital between 9am-5pm with comprehensive service to cover emergencies not requiring admission; in addition Trust is ensuring the urology team will remain fully staffed and on call until October to manage transition and any issues safely.
  5. Q. Will there be an elective 'hot' service e.g. for catheter insertions or removals? 
    A. See 4 above but service confirming details.
  6. Q. Has Trust/service had any discussions at all with partner organisations?
    A. Trust sharing by email to partners whilst working with CCG on how best to communicate this jointly to relevant partner organisations.

Published 31st August, 2017

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