Guidance for receiving gifts or donations

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Some businesses, organisations and individuals are offering us gifts and donations as a gesture of thanks for our hard work.

We are extremely grateful for and appreciative of such generous support. If you are approached in this way please refer to your line manager as they have responsibility as to whether or not donations and gifts can be accepted. In most cases it will be permissible, but please remember that you have responsibilities if you accept a gift or donation.

Managers must ensure that gifts or donations are not made by a provider for a future implied benefit (contracts, advertising etc). The gifts must also be for the benefit of multiple staff members, not individuals. Monetary gifts should be declined (see below). Any gifts which exceed £25 either individually or cumulatively per staff member will require the completion of the gifts and hospitality form. This includes instances in which several donations are received from the same company, such as meal donations. 

If you have received any gifts or hospitality regardless of the estimated value, please advise the Head of Governance, Emma De Carteret, and Deputy Head of Corporate Governance, Esther Kingsmill to ensure these are logged and responded to.

Monetary gifts should be declined. If the person offering money wishes to make a donation to the EEAST charitable fund, please ask them to email The EEAST charitable fund administrator will provide them with details of how to do this. Details are also on our website. If cash has been received please contact as soon as possible, as this needs to be banked in the charity funds bank account. 

There may also be instances in which organisations and individuals are donating PPE. All PPE is required to undergo safety checks via the Infection Prevention and Control team prior to utilisation. If you have received a donation of PPE please complete the PPE assurance request form and return to No donations of PPE should be utilised until a member of the IPC team has confirmed suitability.

Further guidance can be obtained on the declaration of gifts and hospitality received in the Trust standards of business conduct policy (you can download the policy from East24 in the document library). Alternatively, please email


Published 16th April 2020

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