Christmas Message from the Christian Ambulance Association

Mary Did You Know Pentatonix

Christmas is just around the corner and the Trust Multi-Faith Network are taking the opportunity to remind us about the meaning of Christmas for Christians.  The following has been put together from members of the Christian Ambulance Association in EEAST.

This Christmas is a tough one.  If ever we needed a great present, it’s this year!  Christmas is about Jesus Christ – ‘Christ’ meaning God’s chosen one, anointed, the Saviour of the world.  The Bible accounts tell us that Jesus is God’s ultimate Christmas present to us – just because He loves us and wants us to be back in His family together.  What stands between us and God is our messed-up lives and the confused world we live in.  Most of us have rejected Him as our Lord and chosen other things instead of him… When we discard God as our No.1, that’s serious and creates an immovable barrier between us.  Immovable unless God himself tears it down and that’s exactly why Jesus came – he was born to take the righteous judgement of God by dying on the cross.  So, Jesus calls us to come back to him regardless of what we have done before, and He will accept us.  You might have heard of a story about a lost or ‘prodigal’ son, which is a story of a father accepting back his son and a picture of God accepting us back.  You can read it here.

The Christian Ambulance Association represent Christians working in EEAST and right around the UK.  You can read the latest newsletter here, can join the CAA here or find out more at or by contacting us at  

Merry Christmas from all of us at the Multi-Faith Network.  We hope and pray you find some time to spend with those you love. We would like to finish by sharing this video of the song ‘Mary, did you know?’ by the group Pentatonix.

Published 17th December 2020