Clinical Update: Adrenaline

Clinical Update

Following the recent discovery of a pre-filled syringe box of Adrenaline 1mg in 10ml (1:10,000) that was found to contain no drug, could the following immediate actions please be taken.

Operational Management:

  • Could all drug bags be checked and any Adrenaline 1mg in 10ml (1:10,000) (Batch Number 0110484, Expiry date September 09/20) prefilled syringe boxes please be visually inspected to ensure the syringe of Adrenaline is present.
  • In your daily Safety Huddles please could all clinical staff be made aware of this and the actions to be taken by them.

Operational Staff:

  • Please check the drugs bag on your vehicle and visually inspect any Adrenaline 1mg in 10ml (1:10,000) (Batch Number 0110484 Expiry date September 09/20) boxes to ensure the pre-filled syringe is present.
  • If you are a backup crew at a cardiac arrest, please take in your drugs bag to have a backup bag available.
  • Please report any incidents relating to adrenaline on the Trust’s incident report system (Datix).

Thank you for your cooperation and vigilance in this matter.

This clinical update can be downloaded as a PDF from the EAST24 website

 Published August 15th 2019


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