Clinical update: safe handling of medical gases

Breathing apparatus

Across the Trust many of us will use oxygen and Entonox every day to care for our patients.

Medical gases, when stored and handled appropriately, are safe with clear clinical benefits. But medical gases are stored in cylinders under pressure, and so are an explosive risk if heated and oxidised (as part of the fire triangle of heat, oxygen and fuel). Today, we’ve released a clinical update to remind you of the risks associated with using these gases, and the safety steps we need to take.

This includes things like ensuring the gas in in date, the cylinder isn’t damaged, that it’s turned off when not in use, amongst others. Please take the time to read the full clinical update on East24, and to print and display on stations wherever possible. If you’re a community first responder and would like a copy, please email, specifying which responding group you’re from, and we’ll send the update to you directly.

If you have any questions, please contact your line manager in the first instance. For specific advice, you’re welcome to also get in touch with:

Published 14th October, 2016

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