Clock change - 27th Oct

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As you may be aware, in the early hours of Sunday morning (27th October), the clocks are due to go back an hour for the annual change to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) from British Summer Time (BST). 

This typically causes multiple issues with our reporting and incident data, for any incidents that are received over the clock change period. Previously, Ambulance Operations Centre (AOC) staff have been requested to make amendments to any incident times on Cleric, to remove reporting issues. However, this was often inconsistent or incomplete, so a new process was written to ensure ALL incidents were accurately amended.

This process is now led by the Data Quality Lead within Informatics and requires minimal input from the AOC staff on duty at the time.

Summary of process: 

  • AOC DO NOT AMEND any incidents where the clock change has caused the times of an incident to be out of sync, regardless of the reporting issues this may cause.
  • ALL times will be amended by the Data Quality Lead (Informatics) by end of Tuesday 29th October (however some Cleric amendments may take longer - we aim to ensure all amendments are in place for monthly submissions).
  • Until incidents are amended, AOC/TOC (Tactical Operations Centre) will direct all reporting queries to the Data Quality inbox ( 

Please do not ask AOC/TOC staff to amend incidents to remove reporting issues prior to Tuesday 29th October, as they have specifically been requested to deny any such request.

Please direct any queries about incidents, over the clock change period, to the Data Quality inbox as normal ( The team are also interested in looking to resolve any other issues caused by clock changes, such as Out of Service (OOS) or hospital reporting. So if you have any comments on these areas, please get in touch. 

Published 23rd October 2019

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