Coming to an ambulance near you…ePCRs!

Bedford EOC 1

Toughbook ePCRs will be returning to ambulances and rapid response vehicles from Monday, 16th October.

To make sure you’re ready for anything, you can refresh your training by accessing one of five minute videos about the new ePCR Siren V4 on EEAST LearnZone.

LearnZone can be accessed from any PCs, tablets and smartphones with internet / wifi connection.

Though you may see this symbol  on the bottom right of Trust computer toolbars, most computers will still allow sound from the videos if you use a headset (including mobile phone handsfree wire sets).

You will have been sent your unique login details by the EEAST Learning and Development Unit (LDU), but as this may have been some time ago here is a reminder of how to access your learning account;                                                                  

  • Your username is the initial part of your email address before the @, making sure you include the full stop in-between. For example, John.Bloggs orBlythe2
  • Passwords can be reset by using the lost password link on the front page of the site. This sends a confirmation link to your Trust email address allowing you to then reset your password.

Once logged in to the LearnZone, click on ‘view all my courses’ and scroll down to ePCR and you’re away. 

If you have any access issues to the training material, contact the site’s technical helpdesk via the link, or email  Please do not refer queries about the LearnZone site to IT Service Support Desk.

There is also a FAQ sheet and other information on East24 easily found by typing ePCR into the search box and hitting search.

If you need any help, HALOs, DLOs and super users (Alison Edwards, Rosemarie Sayer) should be able to support you if needed. For any major queries, please contact  Acting ePCR Lead, Norfolk East, Longwater Depot.

Published 28th September, 2017

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