Community Paramedic Scheme

Ambulance line up blue sky

Dear Specialist, Advanced and developing Community Paramedic Colleagues,

We would like to update you on the PCN Project and what progress has been made:

  • We are engaging directly with PCNs and CCGs – Heads of Ops and Business & Partnership leads are linked in with local partners
  • We are gathering information on local system staff requirements
  • We have undertaken some engagement with staff in a locality, to understand questions, concerns and issues and we will develop a FAQ for staff
  • We are finalising job descriptions and a recruitment pack for staff

There are PCNs that wish to recruit Paramedics directly, but our priority is to provide you with PCN rotational opportunities and ongoing professional development. We are working with these practices, directly, as well. This scheme will enable paramedics to work in local communities, having access to a wider professional multidisciplinary team and benefit from mentoring and clinical supervision opportunities.

Further information will be available over the coming weeks from your local leadership team.