Conditional discharge for woman who assaulted EEAST staff

Dont choose to abuse

A woman has been given a one month conditional discharge after admitting assaulting an EEAST paramedic, an EMT and four police officers.

The defendant appeared at Norwich Magistrates Court on 31 January, where she pleaded guilty to six counts of assault by beating of an emergency worker. Both EEAST staff were left with bruising as a result, while the assault also had an impact on their wellbeing.  

The incident took place in Norwich in December 2018, just one month after the introduction of the Assaults on Emergency Workers Act 2018, which is designed to ensure more effective investigation and prosecution of cases where emergency workers are the victim of a crime.

EEAST went onto re-launch its “Don’t Choose to Abuse” campaign shortly afterwards, which reinforces the message that abuse and violence against blue light staff is never acceptable and has consequences.

Dorothy Hosein, Chief Executive of EEAST said: “It is totally unacceptable to abuse ambulance crews and call-handlers, who are there to help.

“We have a zero tolerance approach to any form of violence or aggression to any of our staff. When incidents do happen, we work closely with the police to see that justice is done and will always support the prosecution of anyone who chooses to abuse.

“We would like to see appropriate sentences handed down by the courts. We welcomed the strengthening of the law in 2018 and continue tope that it will have a positive impact on deterring potential offenders.

“We fully support any members of staff who have been abused as it can have a major impact on their wellbeing. We appreciate that we often deal with people under difficult circumstances, but would like to remind everyone that they have a choice. Don’t choose to abuse – the consequences can be serious.”

Response to NTK comments from Dorothy Hosein

"Any incidents of abuse on our staff are completely unacceptable and I can appreciate that colleagues will be disappointed to read about the sentence handed down by the courts in this case.

Some people have asked whether the Trust will appeal the sentence. That is not possible in criminal cases, where appeals can only be made by the defendant involved and not a third party.

However, I will continue to campaign nationally and with MPs and blue light colleagues to ensure that sentencing is appropriate and acknowledges the seriousness of assault on emergency workers.

The Trust will always support the prosecution of people who abuse our staff and work closely with the police to bring these cases to court. We will continue to press for appropriate sentences while also maintaining our Don’t Choose to Abuse campaign.

We would also like to remind everyone that there is help available to anyone who has been a victim of this kind of attack. Please talk to your line manager or contact Kayes, our new occupational health advisor, who can arrange appropriate support."

Published February 13th 2020

Updated February 19th 2020



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