Could you be a Green Champion?

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No new year’s resolution? Feel like being involved in something new this year? Why not become a Green Champion?

The Trust now has an in-house sustainability team, Sam Woods and Cheryl Duke, who are dedicated to ensuring that the organisation operates efficiently whilst minimising its impact on the environment. The team is already working on a large LED lighting project, organising the distribution of recycling bins to all sites and looking to install more charging points as the Trust increases it’s fleet of electric vehicles.

The Sustainability Team have spoken to many members of staff who are really passionate about doing their bit for the environment and are keen to involve as many people as possible in the work they are doing. They would like to recruit Green Champions across the Trust to inspire others to be more sustainable in the workplace, promote environmental awareness and improve wellbeing whilst helping the NHS reach its target of becoming net-zero by 2040.

So, how will it work?

Contact point - Green Champions will be the first port of call for colleagues wanting to get involved in sustainability and will keep us up to date with the fantastic progress that your workplace is making.

Network – as a Green Champion you will be part of a wider network, collaborating with others on projects and learning more about sustainability issues together.

Promote and distribute – Green Champions will promote sustainability, leading by example and helping colleagues do the same as well as distributing materials and information across your site.

Can I be a Green Champion?

Yes, of course! 

Anyone that is enthusiastic about sustainability or simply wants to learn more and can commit a very small portion of time to the role can get involved.

For more information about becoming a Green Champion or to get involved please contact

Published 7th January 2021